Cristian A. Vargas | Director

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Dr. Cristian Vargas is a marine biologist and an associate professor at the Faculty of Environmental Sciences, Universidad de Concepcion (UdeC). He has been working extensively in the area of Biological Oceanography and Biogeochemistry, i.e. plankton ecology, biogeochemical processes, carbon fluxes and anthropogenic impacts. Dr. Vargas is involved in different international programs and committees related with […]

Bernardo Broitman R. |Sub-Director


I am a marine ecologist focused on the role of environmental forcing on community and population dynamics. Using a collaborative approach, we have studied spatial variability in local and regional oceanographic processes along the West coast of the US and the coast of central-northern Chile over the past 15 years. Using remote sensing and direct […]

Marco Lardies C. | Associate Researcher


Ecology studies the distribution and abundance of organisms and their interaction with the environment, but this interaction is not only restricted by biotic and abiotic factors currently operating in the environment, but also the ability to develop adaptations (i.e. evolve) to the environment and their variations (e.g. global change). That’s why, document the range of […]

Stefan Gelcich | Associate Researcher


Stefan Gelcich is a marine biologist and studies social-ecological dimensions of marine fisheries management and environmental conservation. He is an assistant professor at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica and a researcher with the Laboratorio Internacional en Cambio Global (LINCGLOBAL) working on threats and impacts of global drivers on ecosystem services. He also studies the interplay between […]

Felipe Vásquez L.| Associate Researcher


Felipe Vásquez Lavín hold a Ph. D. in Agricultural and Resource Economics from the University of California at Berkeley, Currently, he is an associate professor at the Universidad del Desarrollo (Chile) and member of the scientific committee of both the Latin American and Caribbean Environmental Economics Program (LACEEP) and Conservation Strategy Fund (CSF). His areas […]



The Ph.D Nelson A. Lagos is a marine biologist, full-time professor of the Faculty of Sciences Faculty, Santo Tomás University (UST) and director of the Centre of Research and Innovations for the Climate Change (CIICC) and develop research in the ecology of benthic ecosystems.  Dr. Lagos has been PI in the two research project about Ocean […]