Silvana Birchenough|Senior Researcher


Dr Silvana Birchenough is a marine ecologist and scientific advisor on issues related to benthic ecology and human activities. She is based at the Cefas Marine Climate Change Centre (MC3) Her main role is understanding of long-term benthic changes resulting from climate change and ocean acidification. Recently, her work has been targeted to understand the […]

Steve Widdicombe | Senior Researcher


Professor Steve Widdicombe leads the Plymouth Marine Laboratory strategic science area Marine Life Support Systems. The research he oversees aims to develop novel approaches for measuring and describing biodiversity across a range of biological scales, investigate the relationships between biodiversity and the provision of key biogeochemical processes, and thus develop the understanding necessary to predict […]

Benjamin Halpern | Senior researcher


Dr. Ben Halpern focuses his research at the interface between marine ecology and conservation biology.  His research has addressed a broad range of questions that span local to global scales, including spatial population dynamics, trophic interactions in community ecology, and the interface between ecology and human dynamics, all with the ultimate aim to inform and […]



My main research interest is to gain understanding of the process determining the fate and effects of chemical contaminants in the environment in order to determine their risk over organisms at different levels of biological organization. The understanding of such phenomena is accomplished by using different tools such as models, toxicity bioassays and biomarkers of […]