José Hernandez H.|Researcher assistant


Jose Ignacio Hernandez is Bachelor of Economics and M.Sc. (candidate) in Environmental and Resource Economics, University of Concepcion. His research intererests focus on applied econometrics, natural resource economics and environment valuation. Contact e-mail:

Manuel Núñez C. | Researcher assistant


Manuel is a marine biologist at the Universidad de Concepción and is currently completing a master’s degree in environmental management at the Universidad Católica del Norte. He works as a lab manager in ChangoLab of the The Center for Advanced Research in Arid Zones (CEAZA), where he works in laboratory management, data processing and support field campaigns. […]

Paulina Contreras D. | Research Assistant


Paulina is a marine biologist at the University of Concepción. She currently works  as a Laboratory Manager for Lab Operations Ecosystem (LAFE), performing the work of laboratory management, supporting undergraduate and postgraduate students, coordinating campaigns of land management “Fondecyt 1,130,254 Project”, also is responsible for MUSELS field campaigns, activities carried out in the 10th Region […]

Samanta Benítez V. | Research Assistant


Samanta Benitez is a marine biologist, master in marine biology. Research Assistant in charge of the planning, coordination and implementation of the field and laboratory experiments that MUSELS developed in different geographic areas of Chilean coast. Samanta will be in charge of implementation, installation and monitoring of laboratory experiments related to ecological, physiological and biochemical […]