Diego Maturana is an MSc Marine Biologist from Universidad Nacional Andrés Bello currently enrolled in the Conservation Medicine PhD program at UNAB. His interests are focused on the direct and indirect impacts of combinations of multiple anthropogenic stressors, such as temperature, radiation, UV-B, pCO2 and light pollution, on marine organisms. His research is specifically geared to understand how […]


Alejandra Carrasco_1

Alejandra Carrasco Muñoz, is a Marine Biologist from Universidad Nacional Andrés Bello, where she is currently working on her Master’s thesis under the advisory of Dr. Cristian Duarte Valenzuela. Her dissertation is focused on the effects of microplastic pollution on the feeding behaviour of the taliitrid amphipod Orchestoidea tuberculata.



Pablo González is a Marine Biologist from the Universidad de Concepción. He is currently finishing postgraduate studies in Economics of Natural Resources and Environment at the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences of the same university. His interests are oriented to the evaluation of socio-economic consequences and the administration of adaptation measures to climate change. […]

Elizabeth Curra S. | PhD Student


The master Elizabeth Dayana Curra Sánchez in Geography and Master in Integrated Management of Coastal Zones of the Center for Marine Studies of the University of Havana (2016). He is currently working as a PhD student in Environmental Sciences with a Mention in Continental Aquatic Systems of the EULA Center, Universidad de Concepción. From 2012 […]

Tania Opitz B. | Magister Student


Tania Opitz, marine biologist at the Universidad Austral de Chile. Currently she is post-graduate studies at the University of Chile, in the program of Master of Environmental Management and Planning, Faculty of Forestry and Nature Conservation. The current area of research in which it is immersed, focuses on the problems caused by the ocean pollution […]

Sebastián Osores E. | PhD Student

S. Osores

Sebastian Osores is a marine biologist of the University of Valparaíso, currently continuing his studies at the Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez in the PhD program: Engineering of Complex Systems. His research interests is in evolutionary ecology, specifically quantitative association patterns, using tools of complex systems in order to link ecophysiological factors in marine organisms that help […]

Rosario Díaz C. | Magister Student

Rosario Díaz is an Aquaculture  Engineer at Universiad Católica del Norte and in 2014 entered the program Master of Science with a major in Oceanography at the Universidad de Concepción. His research interests relate to determine the potential combined effect of cadmium carbonate saturation in calcification on commercial interest mussels and his adaptability to different […]

Valeska San Martín M. | PhD Student


Valeska San Martín is a marine biologist with specialization in Oceanography and Environmental Quality Degree in the Universidad de Concepción, now continuing his studies of doctorate degree in Environmental Science with a major Inland Water Systems. Their interest is based on determining the adaptive capacity of a farming center against local and global stressors determine the […]

Francisco Fernandez J. | Graduate

F. Fernandez

Francisco Fernández is graduated as an agricultural engineer from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso and as Magister on Agricultural Economics and Natural Resources from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Francisco is currently developing his doctoral thesis, developing mathematical programming models to assess the economic impacts of climate change at different scales and in different […]

Yerko Yutronich B. | GRADUATE


Yerko Yutronich is an engineer in marine biotechnology and aquaculture and is currently pursuing a Masters in Integrated Management: Environment, Corporate Social Responsibility and Occupational Risk at the University of Concepción. His interest is in describing the socio-environmental aspects associated with small-scale mussel farming on the island of Chiloe, which contribute to the generation of guidelines […]