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Between March 21 to 27th of this year, Dr. Cristian A. Vargas, Director of the Millennium Nucleus Millennium MUSELS and Associate Researcher at the Millennium Institute of Oceanography (IMO) , together with Dr. Nelson Lagos, adjunct MUSELS researcher have participated in the “Third International Symposium: Effects of Climate Change on the World’s Oceans” which  was conducted […]

Sebastián Osores E. | PhD Student

S. Osores

Sebastian Osores is a marine biologist of the University of Valparaíso, currently continuing his studies at the Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez in the PhD program: Engineering of Complex Systems. His research interests is in evolutionary ecology, specifically quantitative association patterns, using tools of complex systems in order to link ecophysiological factors in marine organisms that help […]

Paulina Contreras D. | Research Assistant


Paulina is a marine biologist at the University of Concepción. She currently works  as a Laboratory Manager for Lab Operations Ecosystem (LAFE), performing the work of laboratory management, supporting undergraduate and postgraduate students, coordinating campaigns of land management “Fondecyt 1,130,254 Project”, also is responsible for MUSELS field campaigns, activities carried out in the 10th Region […]

Valeria Prieto A. | Graduate

Valeria Prieto

Valeria Prieto is a marine biology student from Universidad Austral de Chile, who is guided in her undergraduate dissertation by Dr. Leyla Cárdenas. Her work is focused on the spatial and temporal variation of the genetic diversity of Mytilus chilensis in natural and cultivated population in central and southern Chile.

Carolina Fernández B. | RESEARCHER ASSISTANT

carolina fernandez

Carolina Fernández is a Marine Biology student at the University of Valparaíso, who develops her thesis under the guidance of Dr. Marco A. Lardies. Her thesis focuses on the effect of multiple stressors (i.e. temperature and ocean acidification) in shaping the physiological and morphological variability of different shellfish populations in northern Chile.

Nicole Castillo V. | Graduate

Nicole Castillo

Nicole is an Aquaculture and Marine Biotechnology Engineering student at the University of Concepción, who develops her undergraduate thesis under the guidance of Dr. Cristian A. Vargas and in cooperation with Dr. Cristian Gallardo INCAR Center (Interdisciplinary Center for Aquaculture Research). Her thesis focuses on the study of the expression of stress proteins HSP70 and […]

Matías Gaete M. | Graduate

Matias Gaete

Matías Gaete is studying Environmental Engineering at the University of Concepción, is currently developing his thesis under the guidance by Dr. Ricardo Barra, associate researcher of MUSELS, and co-guidance by Dr. Cristian A. Vargas and Dr. Diego Narváez, principal researcher and researcher of MUSELS respectively. His thesis focuses on studying the dispersion of pyrethroids and other […]

Rodrigo Estévez W. | Postdoctoral Researcher

R. Estevez

Dr. Rodrigo Estévez is a sociologist at the University of Concepción (2001), Master in Biological Sciences at the University of La Serena (2009) and Doctor of Science at the University of Melbourne, Australia (2014). His research seeks to develop methodologies to integrate perceptions, values and attitudes in formal and structured processes for decision-making in environmental […]

Luisa Saavedra L. | Postdoctoral Researcher


Luisa Saavedra Löwenberger is a Marine Biologist from University of Concepción and obtained his PhD in Oceanography at the same university. In her doctoral research she specialized in marine pollution, endocrine disruption of bivalves and in sterols biochemistry of the central-south Chilean coast. This work was part of the Excellence Marine Research Program (PIMEX), in […]