Post-doctoral Job Opportunity!!

posición post doc Marco

MUSELS has opened a Post-Doctoral position in experimental biology, supervised by our researchers, Dr. Marco Lardies, MUSELS research associate and professor at the Universidad Adolfo Ibañez, Santiago, and Dr. Cristian Vargas, Director of MUSELS and associate professor of the University of Concepción, Concepción. For more information, contac to: Dr. Marco Ladies Dr. Cristian Vargas Download PDF: Postdoc […]

Tania Opitz B. | Magister Student


Tania Opitz, marine biologist at the Universidad Austral de Chile. Currently she is post-graduate studies at the University of Chile, in the program of Master of Environmental Management and Planning, Faculty of Forestry and Nature Conservation. The current area of research in which it is immersed, focuses on the problems caused by the ocean pollution […]



Bachelor in Biology from the Universidad de Chile, Master in Ecology from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and Dr. in Global Change by The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). My main research interest focus in the study of impacts of ocean acidification (and others stressors such as hypoxia) on eco-physiological and mineralogical features of calcifying organisms, […]


pia leon

Pia Leon Morales, is student in Marine Biology at Universidad de Valparaiso and in there present is performing her research seminary under the supervision of Dr. Nelson Lagos. She is focused in assessing impacts of natural variability in carbonate systems parameters upon the shell characteristic of Mytilus chilensis cultivated in the Reloncavi Fjord (Northern Patagonia). Soon will […]