1st Web-based seminar: The Millennium Nucleus MUSELS invites online chat about effects of the Acidification of the Ocean in mussels


With the purpose of generating greater diffusion and communication about the problem of Ocean Acidification (AO) and the diverse ecosystems that it will affect along the coastal zone, the Center for the Study of Multiple Forces on Marine Socio-Ecological Systems (Núcleo Milenio MUSELS), has organized a series of “Webinars” to present the different scientific research […]



Sociologist (PUCCH), Master of Natural Resources Management (Univ. of Manitoba), and PhD in Sustainability Sciences (Stockholm Univ.). I am interested in the study of coastal social-ecological systems, their governance processes, and the factors of adaptation and response to social and environmental change. My current research focuses on exploring adaptive capacity in small-scale fisher and rural […]