Luis Antonio Cuevas L. | YOUNG RESEARCHER


Dr. Antonio Cuevas is a Marine Biologist and Master in Oceanography from the University of Concepción (2004). From 2003 to 2006 he worked in the COPAS Center at same University where he became interested in the study of microbial processes associated with upwelling and minimum oxygen zones participating in various oceanographic cruises and organizing the Time-Series Study off Concepción with the researchers of the COPAS Center. In 2007 he went to the University of Bergen in Norway to complete his PhD (2011), where he studied the ecological mechanisms controlling the bacterial growth in marine systems using different approaches (microcosm, mesocosm, and meta-analyzes). Later, he returned to Chile starting a FONDECYT project in which he studied the control mechanism of pelagic food webs in fjords of the Chilean Patagonia (42-55º S). This project included the construction of a comprehensive database of hydrographic, chemical and biological parameters for the entire study area. In MUSELS, Antonio will focus his interest in the maintenance, calibration and quality control of the platforms installed in Chiloé, Tongoy and Antofagasta in order to determine the environmental variability in the areas with mussel farming activity in southern and northern Chile. He should also interact with other observation and monitoring programs (e.g. GOA-ON, Red LAOCA).


Universidad de Concepción


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