Between 17 and 21 August 2015, MUSELS director, Dr. Cristian Vargas and sub-director, Dr. Bernardo Broitman, visited the facilities belonging to CEFAS Center, located in the city of Lowestoft, UK.

CEFAS Centre, The Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science, has over 100 years of experience in research, service provision and the application of technologies of high standard that are used by organizations and government agencies in the UK and Europe. In addition, CEFAS have a significant production of scientific publications in the area of marine biology and fisheries, publications that have been made in collaboration with institutions of the same country, Europe and the world.

The visit of our researchers to CEFAS Center was coordinated by Dr. Silvana Birchenough, ecologist and researcher at the Marine Climate Change Centre (MC3), in the laboratory Lowestoft, in order to begin work on cooperation agreements of scientific production and technology that benefit the interaction between scientists in Chile and the United Kingdom, collaboration that will allow to develop collaborative frontier research, exchange of graduate students and MUSELS different target areas.

Of the activities of our researchers during their stay at CEFAS, the generation of a scientific manuscript focused on the impact and mitigation of ocean acidification on shellfish aquaculture globally is highlighted. Other activities were seminars showing to CEFAS researchers the results generated to date by MUSELS and other projects associated with each of our researchers, and finally sharing experiences with scientists of the CEFAS concerning to the technology related to monitoring of the coastal ocean.

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