Silvana Birchenough|Senior Researcher


Dr Silvana Birchenough is a marine ecologist and scientific advisor on issues related to benthic ecology and human activities. She is based at the Cefas Marine Climate Change Centre (MC3) Her main role is understanding of long-term benthic changes resulting from climate change and ocean acidification. Recently, her work has been targeted to understand the potential impacts of multiple-stressors (e.g. temperature, pH changes and metals) on commercial species, helping to provide science-evidence of these expected effects under a changing climate. Her research interests are also in relation to in situ observations (i.e. Sediment Profile Imagery camera-SPI) for studying processes and function of benthic infauna. Some of her current projects are using Sediment profile camera (SPI) to understand benthic responses (i.e. resulting from environmental conditions) following disturbance gradients in soft sediments to develop indicators of seabed Integrity (D6) in support of the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) to develop innovative monitoring practices. Silvana chairs the ICES Benthic Ecology Working group (BEWG) and she is an active contributor on Working Group on Marine Benthal Renewable Energy (WGMBRED). She also represents Cefas at the Healthy & Biologically Diverse Seas Evidence Group (HBDSEG) benthic-subgroup and She is also a Fellow of the Winston Churchill Travel Foundation for her dedicated research on benthic ecosystems with the SPI camera.

Marine Climate Change Centre (MC3), Cefas
Lowestoft Laboratory, Pakefield Road, Lowestoft, Suffolk, NR33 0HT, UK
Tel: +44(0) 1502 527786 | Mob: 07827661379


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