In premises of the Faculty of Environmental Sciences at the University of Concepción, it was officially signed the first cooperation agreement between Chile and CEFAS, The Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science. The CEFAS is a UK government institution endowed with over 100 years of experience in scientific research on fisheries and aquaculture, and providing services and applying technologies in the UK and Europe.

The signing ceremony of the agreement was attended by representatives of three renowned research centers: 1) EULA / Faculty of Environmental Sciences (UdeC, Concepcion, Chile), 2) CEAZA (Coquimbo, Chile) and 3) CEFAS (Lowestoft, UK), who pledged to develop teaching and research activities jointly, and also to encourage mobility of students and academics between the three participating institutions.

Currently, Ms. Valeska San Martin, a MUSELS student enrolled in the Doctoral Program in Environmental Sciences with a major in Inland Water Systems at the Faculty of Environmental Sciences of the University of Concepción, is conducting a four-month internship at CEFAS, an activity that makes the first Chilean student to benefit from this international collaboration agreement.

The meeting was also attended by Dr. Ivan Araya, Director of International Relations, UdeC; Dr. Silvana Birchenough, researcher at the CEFAS, UK.; Dr. Ricardo Barra, Dean of the Faculty of Environmental Science and Research Fellow of MUSELS; Dr. Alberto Araneda, Deputy Director of Technical Assistance and Administration EULA Center and Dr. Cristian Vargas, Director of MUSELS.

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