PhD student completes his internship at the center CEFAS, UK


The doctoral candidate associated with MUSELS, Valeska San Martin, conducted a four-month internship in the UK, under the sponsorship of the Senior MUSELS researcher, Dr. Silvana Birchenough in the Research Centre for Environment Fisheries and Aquaculture Science , CEFAS, Lowestoft, UK.

The work was done under the framework of PLACID project. The main objective of PLACID is to improve the existing base of evidence of the potential effects of Ocean Acidification for commercially important species in the UK, before the next assessment of risks of change UK climate in 2017.

The period of the internship included experimentation with two species of commercial importance for the UK: the clam Cerastoderma edule and the snail Buccinum undatum, in order to assess the impacts of future acidification scenarios on shellfish attributes that are relevant for the market such as color, shell hardness and nutritional quality, among others.

With the information obtained during the internship, the student obtained relevant information that will enrich our knowledge regarding effects of variability of the physical environment and the physiological responses of the species under study when subject to multiple stressors.

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