The Center for the Study of Multiple Drivers on Marine Sociological Systems-MUSELS- offers a postdoctoral position in  Experimental Biology: Impact of multiple ocean stressors in the aquaculture industry in Chile”.
The researcher must work full time for a provisional period of 18 months. Their work will require intensive field work in southern Chile (ie, Chiloé, Los Lagos Region) and in the north of the country (ie Tongoy, Coquimbo Region). The workplace of the selected candidate could be located at the Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez and / or at the Universidad Santo Tomás, in the city of Santiago de Chile.
Candidates must have a background in marine ecology, experimental biology or ecophysiology, with experience ideally in (but not limited to) marine invertebrates.
MUSELS Nucleus
MUSELS aims to address the complex challenges posed by the Anthropocene to marine organisms and use the Chilean coast as a natural laboratory. In particular, we propose to focus our interdisciplinary efforts to understand how the socio-ecological system of coastal aquaculture can develop adaptation strategies by installing scientific capacity in the aquaculture industry”.
In this context, we use an experimental approach to understand biological responses to multiple environmental stressors, To date we have worked to characterize the spatial and temporal heterogeneity of temperature, pH, pCO2 and salinity through specific sampling campaigns, deployment of sensors and the collection of environmental information generated by the industry. The details of the requirements can be found HERE.
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