Dr. Roberto García-Huidobro is Marine Biologist and Doctor of Conservation Medicine at Universidad Andrés Bello (2014). He is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Center for Research and Innovation for Climate Change (CiiCC) at the Universidad Santo Tomás. From 2009 to date has participated in studies on the effect of upwelling and protection of marine areas in different intertidal organisms. During his doctoral thesis he evaluated the effect of the management and exploitation areas for benthic resources (MEARBs) on host-parasite dynamics in mollusks of economic importance. Among the remarkable results, it is found that within MEARBs there are increases in parasitism, and that the effect of parasitism in the host can be dependent context and even result in symbiosis, shortening the growth time of organisms of economic importance. His postdoctoral project (Fondecyt 3170522) investigates the effect of temperature and pH on the Chilean latitudinal gradient on different host-parasite systems of intertidal organisms.

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