Dr. Maria Jose Martinez-Harms is a spatial ecologist graduated from the University of Queensland (Australia 2017) and currently co-chair of the development team of the Natural Assets Knowledge-Action-Network from Future Earth. She is interested in the science-policy interface for ecosystem services and biodiversity to inform land and seascape planning. By applying decision support tools like scenario analysis and conservation planning, she explores trade-offs and prioritize management alternatives that balance conservation, development, and social objectives. Her PhD thesis focused on synthesizing ecosystem services research to provide scientific evidence that can be used in environmental decision-making. She developed study cases in Mediterranean Chile looking at spatial and temporal changes in ecosystem services provision under global change and exploring ways to expand the current protected areas system to enhance equity in access to nature improving biodiversity conservation. Currently she is a post-doctoral researcher at the Ecology department of the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile supervised by Dr. Stefan Gelcich. Her post-doctoral grant (Fondecyt 3180118) propose to advance the theory and practice of marine spatial planning by applying a formal decision framework which accounts for social-ecological interactions. A marine spatial planning approach based on the social-ecological interactions addressing actors and users interests regarding alternative management options it is timely and will help identify plans that minimize trade-offs between competing sea-uses and maximize synergies for ecosystem services and biodiversity. She grounds her approach in Chiloe, a marine ecoregion in southern Chile.


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