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I am a marine ecologist focused on the role of environmental forcing on community and population dynamics. Using a collaborative approach, we have studied spatial variability in local and regional oceanographic processes along the West coast of the US and the coast of central-northern Chile over the past 15 years. Using remote sensing and direct long-term measurements we have shown that key physical parameters can change dramatically over a few km’s and that these environmental gradients and modes of variability persist over long periods of time. In this way, establishing patterns of spatial and temporal variability in the environment has provided us with great insights to understand the processes that regulate the abundance and distribution of benthic algae and invertebrates. Through the work in MUSELS we intend to translate these scientific advances to insights for the emerging management challenges arising for coastal aquaculture, specifically mytilids and pectinids. Specifically, we will establish the main environmental stressors by deploying biophysical sensors in the vicinity of the areas used by aquaculture facilities and then we will transfer this ability to the industry to enhance their adaptive capacity.

 Relevant Publications

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Coquimbo, Chile
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