Cooperation agreement between MUSELS and IFOP:

In March 2016, in the city of Concepcion, a partnership between the Institute of Fisheries Development, IFOP, represented by the executive director, Leonardo Nunez, and the University of Concepción, represented by the rector, Sergio Lavanchy was signed; with which they undertake the exchange of oceanographic information to strengthen their scientific work, and that will last for two years, from April 2016.

With a mission to support decision-making authority on fisheries and national aquaculture through the development of scientific and technical public value necessary for the regulation and conservation of fishery resources, aquaculture and ecosystems background, IFOP, it is presented as a technical scientific institution of public role, with automatic weather stations and transmission systems real-time data, which can be installed on offshore platforms and equipped with other types of sensors, for monitoring and development of oceanographic forecasts .

Meanwhile, the Center for the Study of Multiple Stressors on Marine Socio-Ecological Systems or Millennium Nucleus MUSELS Systems, a center of oceanographic research housed at the University of Concepción, whose main objective is to generate multidisciplinary efforts to advance the development of the adaptive capacity of socio-ecological system related to the aquaculture of benthic resources (eg .: mussels and scallops), compared with scenarios of global change in the Chilean coast. MUSELS is permanently monitoring the inland sea off ​​Chiloé, through two oceanographic platforms with instruments trecording temperature, salinity, chlorophyll, oxygen, turbidity and pH every hour at 4 m depth, in Quíquel and Vilupulli, since August 2015.

In this scenario, both groups agree to collaborate in order to complement and exchange the oceanographic measurements in Quíquel and Vilupulli to generate and provide aquaculture farmers, government agencies and surrounding communities a more complete knowledge of the environmental variability in the inland sea of ​​Chiloé.

Among the commitments made by each institution is the installation and maintenance, by IFOP, of automated meteorological stations in the towns of Quíquel and Vilipulli, along with taking responsibility for transmitting data via GSM and subsequent delivery to MUSELS link to downloading these.

Meanwhile MUSELS, through funding granted by the Ministry of Economye through the Millennium Science (ICM) Initiative, undertakes the responsibility of maintaining data quality in the oceanographic platforms installed in Quíquel and Vilupulli until the end of the funding round. In addition, it commits itself to provide the records to the IFOP for validation of oceanographic models.

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