Cooperation agreement between MUSELS and INTEMIT S.A.

In order to strengthen and complement the research work carried out by MUSELS, and the Technological Institute of the Mussel Systems, INTEMIT SA, a cooperation agreement was signed establishing the terms of the collaboration between that both centers .

In June 2014 in the city of Castro, Chiloe, the representatives of each institution, Dr. Cristian Vargas, Director of the Millennium Nucleus MUSELS, INTEMIT director, Eduardo Ferrari, and INTEMIT Manager, Hernán Toncoso, signed a document that formalizes the partnership between the two organizations.

As stated, the agreement will last over the period of implementation of the Millennium Nucleus MUSELS, time in which both institutions through joint work will generate the necessary synergy to promote the development of high-impact research forthe Mussel farming industry.

Among the commitments taken by both groups, INTEMIT, assumed responsibility for supporting undergraduate and graduate students engaged in research activities during the aforementioned period; with the proviso that its thematic work is contingent vto the scientific interests of both parties, whose main requirement will be the generation of scientific information of high standard, defined as basic and elemental requirement by the Scientific Goals (ICM) Initiative. These professionals can perform all or part of their work on the premises of INTEMIT, who will provide adequate physical space for the development of their work.

In addition INTEMIT commited itself to deliver bio-oceanographic data for their instruments, so that MUSELS can analyze and interpret the human resources employed by them for this purpose. In the same way, MUSELS for its part, is committed to sharing the information generated through its oceanographic buoy installed by 2014.

MUSELS also assumes the responsibility to provide the necessary conditions for a postdoc (PhD), with strong training in the area of ​​physical oceanography, contracted and paid 100% by musles facilities, can provide technical assistance and advice on issues related to the use, management , analysis and interpretation of oceanographic information generated by INTEMIT, through its various observation tools inland sea of ​​Chiloé. It intemit meanwhile, it is committed to ease of space for this staff to carry out these functions during their stay in the city of Castro.

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