Fundación Chinquihue

Fundación Chinquihue

Framework collaboration agreement between MUSELS and Chinquihue Foundation:

In August 2014, in the city of Puerto Montt, on the one hand, the Chinquihue Foundation, represented by its General Manager, Gabriel Saez, and on the other hand, the Center for the Study of Multiple Forcing on Systems Socio-Ecological Marine, MUSELS, represented by the director, Cristian Vargas, subscribed to a collaboration agreement, where they agree to establish a framework to mutually support and enhance their activities.

This agreement takes in consideration that the MUSELS  Millennium Nucleus main objective is to generate multidisciplinary efforts to advance the development of adaptive capacity of the mollusc aquaculture socio-ecological system and that the Chinquihue Foundation aims to promote the development of the artisanal fisheries sector and small-scale aquaculture through research projects, training and services.

The agreement seeks to create and establish networks and formal links between the Foundation and MUSELS, focused mainly on the development of R&D + i (Research, Development and Innovation). For this purpose the institutions agree ont the bases for collaboration in different fields of scientific endeavor that are of mutual interest to their own objectives.

In particular this agreement concerns the exchange of scientific and technological information generated by both contracting parties, the execution of joint projects, formulation and evaluation of projects, in order to discuss together objectives, methodological approaches, results and outreach activities covered by each of the parties.

It also includes support for the development of studies and consultations in this regard the Foundation is committed to supporting undergraduate and graduate students engaged in research activities under the “Cooperation Agreement”.

The themes of these investigations will be the subject of undergraduate and graduate thesis transversal to the scientific interests of both parties, where the main requirement is the generation of scientific information of high standard, defined as the basic and elementary requirement for the Millennium Science (ICM) Initiative. These professionals will perform all or part of their work in offices of the Foundation, which will provide a sufficient physical space.

In addition, it states that any costs incurred by the activities undertaken by these students in the field and / or units of the Foundation will be covered by MUSELS.

The duration of the agreement is limited to the period of implementation of the Millennium Nucleus MUSELS and begins to run from the date of subscription.

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