conferences and workshops


Participation in the Seminar “Antiparasitic Products in the Marine Environment: Levels and Effects on no-target Organisms”; wednesday, August 24

- Dr. Ricardo Barra: “Evaluation and analysis of antiparasitic products in the marine environment”. HERE

- Dra. Camila Fernández: “Biogeochemical aspects of the use of pyrethroids in coastal environments of the southern central of Chile”. HERE

- Dr. Enrique Bay-Schmith: “Caliguicidas toxicity on other marine species”. HERE   

- Dr. Cristian A. Vargas: “Impact of pyrethroids on clearance and ingestion rates of veliger larvae of Mytilus chilensis”. HERE 

- Dr. Felipe Tucca, “Environmental risks of antiparasitic drugs in the marine environment”. HERE

“II Seminar of Applied Research to Mussel Aquaculture”; on July 28, 2016 in Castro, Chiloé

- Dr. Cristian Vargas: “Biological, environmental and conceptual basis for assessing the vulnerability of Mytilus chilensis aquaculture to climate change projections”. HERE 

- Dr. (c) Carlos Lara: “Using satellite platforms in aquaculture ecosystems: the case of the inland sea of Chiloé”. HERE 

XXXVI Congreso de Ciencias del Mar, Universidad de Concepción. Seminary “Sustainability and Multi-disciplinarity in Marine Sciences”; SuMAR from 23 to 27 May 2016

Symposium Dr. Cristian Vargas y Dr. Nelson Lagos:“Ocean acidificaction: the international and national strategy to meet the challenge” HERE 

- Symposium Dr. Cristian Duarte: “Ocean acidification modifies algal nutritional quality and herbivore feeding behaviour and performance”.  HERE  

- Symposium Dr. Stefan Gelcich: “Adaptative capacity of mussels aquaculture industry in Chile”. HERE 

- Symposium Dr. Marco Lardies: “Geographic differences in response to pH variation in molluscs: from physiology to populational level”. HERE 

- Symposium Dr. Steve Widdicombe: “Predicting species distribution shifts due to climate change: An example of a British snail”.  HERE 

- Plenary talk Dr. Steve Widdicombe: “Free Ocean Carbon Enrichment (FOCE): Bridging the gap between laboratories and oceans”. HERE 


Third International Symposium “Effects of Climate Change on the World’s Oceans.



V Congreso de Acuicultura / december 10-12, Coquimbo, Chile


WorkShop “Understanding Environmental Change, Present Research for Future Sustainable Resources” / dicember 5, EmpreUdeC, Concepción, Chile.


COP-20 / december 5, Lima, Perú


XXI Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of Chile / november 24 – 28, Puerto Varas, Chile


First Latin-American Workshop on Ocean Acidification (LAOCA 2014) / november 9-16, Dichato, Chile



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